About Earl and Linda Flores

Earl's interest in construction began at the age of 13. At 19, Earl started his own construction business and it was at that time he met his future wife, Linda. A year later, Linda and Earl were married in Las Vegas at the same chapel "The King" of rock, Elvis and Pricilla were married.

Linda has always had a knack for cooking, gardening, decorating and entertaining. She tends to the family garden, using the fresh produce to create meals that are as good as any 5 star restaurants. Linda's apple pie is Earl's favorite dish.

After having 5 children, Earl and Linda sold their home in Encinitas and bought a 10 acre ranch in the Sierra Mountains. Raising goats, chickens, turkeys, cows and horses, it was the perfect place to raise a family. It was living in the mountains when Earl took up his passion of singing and playing the guitar. He recruited his entire family to form a band called "The Flores Family Singers".
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When their young son, Andy, acquired a bad case of asthma, it was decided their son would do better in the fresh ocean air of Encinitas. So the family moved back to the quaint coastal town and bought a small ranch-style home.

Linda always dreamed of owning a bed and breakfast. With Earl's ability to build a dream house and Linda's decorating and entertaining talents, The Black Orchid was born. Their small ranch-style home is now a 7 bedroom and 6 bath New Orleans style mansion.

Linda continues to run the household, be a good mother, and takes care of her elderly mother. Earl continues to perform singing engagements and making recordings for his Rim Records label. Check out Earl's new web site, The Catholic Cowboy, and read about Earl winning Best Country Song and CD of the year at the Unity awards.

Linda and Earl look forward to having you as their guest at The Black Orchid Bed & Breakfast.

Earl and Linda